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Apistogramma panduro
Andinoacara stalsbergi

Metriaclima sp.(Maison Reef)

Image Credit : Leif Apisto Johansen
Image credits: Alf Stalsberg
Image credits: John Rea & Paula Watts

This web site is intended to be used by two type of people, one who have a interest in fish and the second are those who are fascinated by fish.This web site is designed by later, aimed at former, with an intention of turning interest into fascination. Some of the features of this web site are

  • Database of fish containing all relevant information on selected fish profiles, taxonomic information i.e family, subfamily, genera, species, variants,aquarium related data, vi tank mates,feeding habits, breeding.

  • Search page to look for a particular species, or a genera, subfamily.

  • Library having detailed articles on each species having full biological details including, ray count, etc. and information related to keeping it in aquariums.

  • Articles not only on individual species but also separate articles on related subfamilies, tribes, genera, and they are all linked together.

  • Glossary of aquatic items which is also in a database and can be searched to save time.



Any web site is a compilation of facts.
Every statement of fact results from the research efforts of usually several people, often over several years.

We often lose sight of the origins of this information, namely the effort that has gone into verifying an observation, repeating an experiment, or making the countless measurements necessary to establish the validity of a fact.

An entire description, representing 3–5 or more years of intensive work, may be distilled down to a single sentence.

It is my hope that as you read through the sections of this web site, you will not only appreciate the diversity of adaptation in fishes, but also consider the many ichthyologists who have put their fascination to practical use to obtain the facts and ideas that have compiled here.

To acknowledge these efforts, and because it is just good ethical scientific practice, we have gone to considerable lengths to cite the sources of our information in the web site, which correspond to the entries in the lengthy bibliography in the references section also ,each article contains a list of supplemental readings, including books or longer review articles that can provide an interested reader with a much greater understanding of the subjects covered in the section.

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