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Aequidens :Cichlid Genus

Aequidens chimantanus
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Aequidens is a South American genus of fish in the family Cichlidae.


The Genus "Aequidens" is derived from Latin words, equips+equal+dens(teeth), which roughly translates to "Fish with equal teeth".
For a long time "Aequidens" was a catch-all group for South American cichlids with three anal fin spines and lacking any other disntinctive characters.
Many species which were formerly placed in this genus have been reallocated to other genera such as Andinoacara, Bujurquina, Laetacara, Tahuantinsuyoa, Krobia and Cleithracara etc.
As presently defined, Aequidens is largely restricted to the Amazon Basin, Orinoco Basin and river basins in The Guianas.
The only exceptions are A. plagiozonatus which also occurs in the Paraná Basin, and A. tetramerus which also occurs in the Parnaíba River.


Aequidens is recognized for a group of Cichlasoma like cichlids, they differ from Cichlasoma in having naked dorsal and anal fins and long caudal peduncle(tail) including 2-3 vertebrae instead of none.
The genus was reviewed by Kullander in 1983, who recalssified cichlids in this genus into a number of species groups.
Most of these species groups have since been recognized as separate genera

  • Bujurquina
  • Tahuantinsuyoa
  • Laetacara
  • Kullander
  • Krobia
  • Cleithracara

A. tetramerus, is the most widely found species of this genus and attains 160 mm SL.
It is recorded from most of the Amazon, Tocantins, and Orinoco basins, and Guianan rivers.


Currently there are, 17 recognized species placed in this genus.
Many species from this genus are now placed in a new genus Adinocara like A. biseriatus,
A. coeruleopunctatus, A. latifrons, A. pulcher and A. rivulatus etc.

Species Name Common Name Image
Aequidens chimantanus Chusco chusco
Aequidens diadema Royal Acara diadema
Aequidens epae A epae
Aequidens greciliae A greciliae
Aequidens hoehnei A hoehnei
Aequidens mauesanus A mauesanus
Aequidens metae Yellow Acara A metae
Aequidens michaeli A michaeli
Aequidens pallidus Double Spot Acara A pallidus
Aequidens paloemeuensis Talepuru A paloemeuensis
Aequidens patricki Patrick´ Acara A patricki
Aequidens potaroensis A potaroensis
Aequidens rondoni Acara Cichlid Acara rondoni
Aequidens tetramerus Saddle Cichlid Acara tetramerus
Aequidens tubicen Acara tubicen
Aequidens viridis Golden Acara Acara viridis