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Cichlid Sub Family: Cichlasomatinae

Andinoacara rivulatus
Image Credit: Alf Stalisberg


Cichlasomatinae is a subfamily of cichlid fishes.
It includes all cichlids native to islands in the Caribbean (Cuba and Hispaniola),USA (southern Texas) ,Mexico and Central America, and many of the cichlids from South America the other South American subfamilies are Astronotinae, Cichlinae, Geophaginae and Retroculinae).


Cichlids in this subfamily are grouped in two tribes.

  • Cichlasomatini
  • Heroini.

Tribe Cichlasomatini:

Following Genera are places under this tribe

Tribe: Heroini

Heroini is a fish tribe from the Cichlasomatinae subfamily in the cichlid family.
It includes more than 150 species.
All cichlids from islands in the Caribbean, USA (southern Texas), Mexico and Central America are members of this tribe.
In addition to above, it also includes species from South America where other tribes exist.
A large percentage of its species were formerly placed in the genus Cichlasoma (itself now placed in the tribe Cichlasomatini), but have since been moved to other genera.

Following Genera are placed in this tribe.

  • Amatitlania.
  • Amphilophus.
  • Archocentrus.
  • Australoheros.
  • Caquetaia.
  • Cryptoheros.
  • Heros.
  • Hoplarchus.
  • Hypselecara.
  • Hypsophrys.
  • Mesonauta.
  • Nandopsis.
  • Paraneetroplus.
  • Petenia.
  • Pterophyllum.
  • Rocio
  • Symphysodon
  • Theraps
  • Thorichthys.
  • Tomocichla.
  • Uaru.
  • Vieja.

In addition there are two Genera which are not part of above two tribes but a member of this subfamily.

  • Herichthys.
  • Parachromis.