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Species Aequidens hoehnei  
Scientific classification
Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Class : Actinopterygii
Order : Perciformes
Suborder : Labroidei
Family : Cichlidae
Sub Family : cichlasomatiene
Genus : Aequidens
Scientific Name : Aequidens hoehnei
Common Name : Hoehne Nannacara
Geo Origin : AMERICA, South America, Amazon River basin, in the Araguaia River drainage.
Diet : Carnivorous
Gender Differences : Dimorphic
Breeding : Substrate Spawner
Temperament : Aggressive
Con specific Temperament : Miildy aggressive
Standard Length : 3"
Total Length : 4"
Water Hardness: Medium, Soft,dh range -20
Difficulty ; 2


It is small sized fish of about 3 " found in Brazil, South America.


It was first described by Miranda Ribeiro, 1918 , and has been placed in Genus Aequidens and subfamily Cichlasomatinae.

The Genus "Aequidens" is derived from Latin words, equips+equal+dens(teeth), which roughly translates to "Fish with equal teeth".


Distribution & Habitat:

It is found in Brazil,Amazon River basin, in the Araguaia River drainage.

It is benthopelagic or swims above river bed at depths of about 1-3 m in clear water streams.


It is a carnivorous in nature, and eats small insects, fish, etc.







It is a small sized fish having a Standard Length ( from tip of snout to begriming of tail fin) 3 ".

It is known to live for 8-10 years.










  Sandeep Raghuvanshi
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