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Aequidens paloemeuensis

Aequidens paloemeuensis
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Aequidens paloemeuensis is a medium sized fish of about 4" found in Rivers Paloemeuensis River, Marowijne drainage in Suriname, South America.


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Aequidens paloemeuensis was first described by Kullander & Nijssen in 1989 and is now been placed in Genus Aequidens and subfamily Cichlasomatinae.
The Genus "Aequidens" is derived from Latin words, aequus+equal+dens(teeth), which roughly translates to "Fish with equal teeth".
The species name refers to river where it is found "paloemeu".


Aequidens paloemeuensis is a medium fish with standard length about 4 ".
It does not have the usual typical tri serial pre dorsal arrangement of scales of Aequidens, but the scale arrangement is uniserial .
The lateral band is intense through out the length unlike other of its genera.
It is known to live for 8-10 years.

Distribution & Habitat

Aequidens paloemeuensis is found in South america,small brook tributary to right bank of R. Paloemeu on road between Trombaka Noord and Trombaka Zuid.
It is benthopelagic or swims above river/stream bed at depths of about 1-3 m in black water rivers.
It is relatively rare as it has not been caught since it was first described.


It is a omnivorous in nature, and eats small fish, deitrus, small plats, algae etc.

Keeping in Aquarium

Water Parameters

Aequidens paloemeuensis is found in running waters of Rivers Paloemeu River, Marowijne drainage in Suriname, South America with a ph of 4.5-6 and dh range 3-9.

Tank Size and setup:

Aequidens paloemeuensis Not much is known about its upkeep in aquariums.

Species Snapshot

Species Card

Particulars Details
Scientific Name Aequidens paloemeuensis
Common Name Talepuru
Genus Aequidens
Subfamily Cichlasomatinae
Geographical Origin Paloemeu River, Marowijne drainage in Suriname.
Diet Omnivorous
Gender Differences Dimorphic
Breeding Substrate Spawner
Temperament Aggessive
Con Specific Temperament Aggressive
Water hardness Soft, dh range 3-9
Difficulty Level in Aquariums 3

Morphometric Data

Particulars Details
Total Length(inches)
Standard Length(inches)

Measurements as % of Total Length

Particulars Details
Body Depth  %
Head length  %
Pre Dorsal length  %
Pre Pectoral length  %
Pre Anal length  %
Pre Pelvic length  %
Caudal Peduncle Depth  %
Caudal Peduncle Length  %
Fork length  %
Length of Last Dorsal Fin Spine  %
Pectoral Fin Length  %
Pelvic Fin Length  %

Measurements as % of Head Length

Particulars Details
Head Width  %
Snout length  %
Eye diameter  %
Pre Orbital Length  %
Inter Orbital Width  %
Pre Orbital Depth  %

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