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Chaetobranchopsis australis

Chaetobranchopsis australis
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Chaetobranchopsis australis is a medium sized fish with a standard length of 5" and total length of 8".


Chaetobranchopsis australis was first described by Eigenmann & Ward, 1907 and is placed in Chaetobranchopsis.


Chaetobranchopsis australis is a quiet fish which finds shelter among aquatic plant stocks or amidst tree roots.

Distribution & Habitat

Chaetobranchopsis australis is native to South America, and is found in Paraná River basin, in the Paraguay River in Brazil and Paraguay. , Paraná River close to the mouth of the Paraguay River in Argentina; probably in the Amazon River basin in Bolivia and Brazil.

Chaetobranchopsis australis occurs in swamps and flooded grounds with shallow, almost stagnant water, which may either be clear or loaded with sediments.

Sexual Dimorphism

They are mono morphic in nature, i.e male and female are alike.


Chaetobranchopsis australis has long dense branchiospines, which suggest microphagous and planktophagous feeding, possibly including small crustaceans.
It possesses weak teeth, indicating that it is not a predator. This makes feeding in aquariums bit of problem

Keeping in Aquarium

Tank Size:

Not much information is available on its being kept in aquariums.
However as it is a medium sized fish a tank of about 400 lit can be used.

Tank Mates:

Although it is peaceful fish with mild aggression towards its own species, it should be kept in a species only tank due to its unique diet habits.


They lay eggs on substrate, however not much information is available on its breeding.

Species Snapshot

Species Card

Particulars Details
Scientific Name Chaetobranchopsis australis
Common Name Basket mouth
Genus Chaetobranchopsis
Subfamily Astronotinae
Geographical Origin Paraguay River, Amazon river basin
Diet Plankton feeder also small invertibrates
Gender Differences Mono morphic
Breeding Substrate Spawner
Temperament Peaceful
Con Specific Temperament Mildly Aggressive
Water hardness Soft, ph range: 6-7, dh Range: 1-15
Difficulty Level in Aquariums

Morphometric Data

Particulars Details
Total Length(inches)
Standard Length(inches)

Measurements as % of Total Length

Particulars Details
Body Depth  %
Head length  %
Pre Dorsal length  %
Pre Pectoral length  %
Pre Anal length  %
Pre Pelvic length  %
Caudal Peduncle Depth  %
Caudal Peduncle Length  %
Fork length  %
Length of Last Dorsal Fin Spine  %
Pectoral Fin Length  %
Pelvic Fin Length  %

Measurements as % of Head Length

Particulars Details
Head Width  %
Snout length  %
Eye diameter  %
Pre Orbital Length  %
Inter Orbital Width  %
Pre Orbital Depth  %

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