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Chaetobranchus semifasciatus

Chaetobranchus semifasciatus
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Chaetobranchus semifasciatus is a large sized fish with a standard length of 8" and total length of 10.5".


Chaetobranchus semifasciatus was was first described by Steindachner in 1875, and has been placed in genus Chaetobranchus.

Distribution & Habitat

Chaetobranchus semifasciatus is found in South America: Amazon River basin, along the Amazons River from Abating to Bids, Brazil.


Chaetobranchopsis semifasciatus is vegetarian in nature and should be fed accordingly.

Keeping in Aquarium

Tank Size:

Not much information is available on its being kept in aquariums. However as it is a large fish a tank of about 500 lit can be used.

Tank Mates:

Although it is peaceful fish with mild aggression towards its own species, it should be kept in a species only tank due to its unique diet habits.


Males are larger than females, attaining maturity between 17 and 22 cm. Reproduction takes place during the rainy season.

Species Snapshot

Species Card

Particulars Details
Scientific Name Chaetobranchus semifasciatus
Common Name Chaetobranchus semifasciatus
Genus Chaetobranchus
Subfamily Astronotinae
Geographical Origin Amazon River basin, along the Amazon-Solimões River from Tabatinga to Óbidos, Brazil
Diet vegetarian
Gender Differences Mono morphic
Breeding Substrate Spawner
Temperament Peaceful
Con Specific Temperament Mildly Aggressive
Water hardness Soft, ph range: 6-7, dh Range: 1-15
Difficulty Level in Aquariums

Morphometric Data

Particulars Details
Total Length(inches)
Standard Length(inches)

Measurements as % of Total Length

Particulars Details
Body Depth  %
Head length  %
Pre Dorsal length  %
Pre Pectoral length  %
Pre Anal length  %
Pre Pelvic length  %
Caudal Peduncle Depth  %
Caudal Peduncle Length  %
Fork length  %
Length of Last Dorsal Fin Spine  %
Pectoral Fin Length  %
Pelvic Fin Length  %

Measurements as % of Head Length

Particulars Details
Head Width  %
Snout length  %
Eye diameter  %
Pre Orbital Length  %
Inter Orbital Width  %
Pre Orbital Depth  %

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