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Species Oxylapia polli  
Scientific classification
Image Credit : Patrick De Rahm
Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Class : Actinopterygii
Order : Perciformes
Suborder : Labroidei
Family : Cichlidae
Sub Family : Etroplinae
Genus : Katria
Morphometric Data
Total Length (inches)
Standard Length (inches)
Measurements as a % of Standard Length
Fork _length
Pre_ anal _length
Pre dorsal_length
Pre_ pelvic_length
Body_ depth
Eye diameter (HL)
Pre_orbital_length (HL)
Snout_ length
Inter orbital_width (HL)
Pre orbital_depth (HL)
Caudal _peduncle_depth
Caudal _peduncle_length
Pectoral _fin_length
Pelvic_ fin_length
Length _of_last_ dorsal_ fin_spine
Scientific Name : Oxylapia polli
Common Name : songatana
Geo Origin : AFRICA, Other African, Africa: Madagascar.
Conservation Status : Crictically endangered
Diet :
Gender Differences :
Breeding :
Temperament : Highly aggessive
Con specific Temperament : Highly aggessive
Standard Length : 4.8 "
Total Length : 5.5
Water Hardness:
Difficulty : 5


Oxylapia polli is a medium sized fish and it is the only member of its genus.

It has a standard length of 4.8."

It is found in Marolambo Rapids, in Nosivolo River in east-central Madagascar.

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Oxylapia polli was first described by Kiener & Maugé, in 1966.

It is the only member of its genus.

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Oxylapia polli reaches a length of about 5.1 " (SL).

It is a highly aggressive species,having a elongate shape most suited to living in fast slowing river conditions.


Coloration :-



Geographical distribution

Oxylapia polli is found in Marolambo Rapids, in Nosivolo River in east-central Madagascar.

Nosivolo river is the tributery of Mangoro river which is the largest river in Eastern slope of Madagascar.


Habitat :


Conservation Status :

IUCN Red list shows status of Oxylapia polli as "Critically endangered ".

This species was earlier listed as "Vulnerable", subsequently improved information available has resulted in species being uplifted to "Critically Endangered.

Although the species is abundant in its habitat, but it is restricted to only one location. The extent of occurrence is restricted to less than 100 sq km.

Deforestation are threatening this location and hence it has been classified as "Critically Endangered".

Aquarium upkeep

Not much information is available on its upkeep in aquariums.


  Sandeep Raghuvanshi
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